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Christine Murphy is a Board consultant, lecturer in leadership, professional director, management and governance specialist and an executive coach with a specific focus on building leadership capacity, improving decision making, performance review, and personal productivity. Chris is recognised as an expert in the field of NGO/public sector board behaviour as it relates to understanding how directors effectively manage the tensions between sustainability and achieving their organisation’s mission her research.

Over the years Chris has worked as a CEO of a government funded employment and training organisation, her early years in senior management exposure covered both marketing and hospitality. She has built successful retail businesses from the ground up and worked for both the higher education and retail sectors in senior positions.

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A Message from Chris

Leaning in towards a challenge

A Message from ChrisWhen learning how to downhill ski at 33 I was scared witless of hurtling out of control down the mountain; my natural fear reaction was to ‘lean away’ from the slope and the result was exactly what I feared most. The solution, I was told, was to ‘lean forward’ directly down the fall line of the mountain and thereby increase the pressure on the skis, hence controlling the speed and direction. As with learning to ski, we often need to do precisely the opposite to what seems logical to our brain when fear is the driving the process. In life, we often unconsciously ‘lean away’ thinking in time issues will resolve themselves, yet the longer we wait the less we are able to influence the issues and manage the outcomes we are wanting to achieve. The key is to ‘lean in’ and engage with the challenge when it first presents itself. It is a discipline that needs constant practice.


  • Nigel Fidgeon
    CEO, Nurses Board of Victoria
    • Christine’s wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge in the area of corporate governance and the role and responsibilities of a Board in achieving its strategic objectives have made a significant contribution to the NBV achieving ambitious strategic objectives.
  • Michel Hogan
    • Christine Murphy is simply the right someone you will want along for the journey whenever you want to bring about lasting change that matters.
  • Dr John Stanton
    Medical Practitioner, Grantham Street General Practice, Chair, Melb Division of General Practice
    • While I was Chair of Melbourne Division of General Practice Board, Christine Murphy served as a Director and Vice Chair. She bought a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of governance of non for profit boards. Christine made a major contribution to improved functioning of the Board.
  • Leslie Lofthouse
    Chair,JobFutures Ltd
    • Christine is a highly intelligent person who is not afraid of challenging the status quo. A highly desirable trait in a director. As Chairman, I enjoyed the challenges Christine consistently brought to Boardroom discussion
  • Peter Johnson
    General Manager Operations, Boeing HDH. Bankstown and Fishermans Bend
    • Christine worked with our business as part of a tailored MBA program. She was a lecturer for Change management and leadership courses. Her work was outstanding during this period. She was intensely engaging with all participants, valued diversity of opinion and challenged all participants to think laterally at during interactions. I would recommend Christine to anyone in this capacity.
  • Christopher Strudwick
    Strategic Projects Manager, EPA Victoria
    • Christine is a highly professional and very experienced manager. She has very well-developed relationship management skills and is capable of operating at a very high level.Over the past decade she has developed and demonstrated impressive academic skills. Christine's particular blend of personality, determination and talent is her distinguishing characteristic and will be an asset to any corporate project she undertakes.